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As a Supervisor you are AUTOMATICALLY enrolled in the state funded vision plan, which is also provided through VSP. Your first pair of glasses is through this plan.

Vision coverage through the Trust provides you a second pair benefit. Supervisors pay $0 for this additional coverage.

Your monthly premium for VSP coverage is part of your CoBen benefit.

Visit for information on your CoBen benefits.

Retired Members have TWO plans to choose from:
  • Exam Plus - Our most economical plan
  • Retired Standard Plan - A full featured vision plan

No forms are needed. Your VSP doctor handles all paperwork.


Active Members are automatically enrolled.
No application needed.

Retired VSP Application

Your CCPOA Benefit Trust vision plan now offers you frames and lenses every 12 months!

Our vision services provider is Vision Service Plan (VSP), the nation's largest eye care doctor network. VSP provides high quality vision care to CCPOA members.

Active Members - no need to apply - this benefit is already yours!

Effortless Benefits.

Make an appointment with your eyedoctor and tell the doctor you are a VSP member. That’s it! No ID cards or filling out claim forms. 

Choose a VSP doctor at or call 800-877-7195.

Before selecting your eyewear, ask your vision care professional which options are fully covered by your Vision Service Plan.

  Visit VSP

Who Can Apply?

Rank and File; Supervisor; Retired

Shop Online

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Use your VSP benfits to try and buy great frames or contacts online!  Eyeconic lets you try on your new frames virtually, link up your VSP benefits, upload your prescription and have your glasses delivered right to your doctor’s office, home, or place of work. Includes free shipping and returns.

  Visit  VSP Member Extras & Special Offers

VSP Flyers
See Your Plan Benefit Flyer

VSP plans have some benefit differences between Active, Retired and Supervisor members.

Pick Your VSP Plan 
Customer Care
VSP Customer Service

Whether you have questions about your vision benefits, need to find an eye doctor, or file a grivence

  Contact VSP
Customer Care
VSP Privacy Practice

VSP takes the privacy of their members’ protected health information very seriously. They are committed to ensuring that the confidential data they manage on behalf of our clients and members stays that way.

The VSP Notice of Privacy Practices explains how VSP uses and discloses protected health information, as well as how VSP members can obtain access to this information.

VSP Privacy Notice

VSP takes the privacy of their members protected health information seriously. They are committed to ensuring that the confidential data they manage on behalf of their clients and members stays that way. The VSP Notice of Privacy Practices, as well as other legal and privacy information can be found on the VSP website.

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