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The main purpose of the CCPOA Benefit Trust Fund website is to provide information about the Programs offered under the Health and Welfare Plan (the “Plan”) of the CCPOA Benefit Trust Fund. It is available to Plan members only. The information posted on this website does not substitute for the official written Plan documents, the Summary Plan Document, Summary Annual Report or Summary of Plan changes. These materials are available in printed form and are mailed to you as required by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (“ERISA”) and as requested by you.

We try to keep this website up to date, but more complete and up-to-date Plan information is found in these official Plan documents which govern in case of errors on this website. If you wish to request these Plan documents, please write to the CCPOA Benefit Trust Fund at:

CCPOA Benefit Trust Fund
2515 Venture Oaks Way,
Suite 200, Sacramento
CA 95833-4235

They can also be downloaded from our Forms page

This website provides information about the Plan as amended from time to time. Plan representatives try to keep this information current and to correct any errors but make no guarantee about its accuracy, completeness or timeliness. Be sure to contact a CCPOA Benefit Trust Fund Claims Representative with specific questions about your Plan benefits, or if you have questions about this web site.

 CCPOA Benefit Trust Fund (916) 779-6300
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