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Family Defender Legal Plan

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YES, Supervisors are eligible for coverage. 
The Family Protector Program is only$13.99 monthly for Retired members.

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No application required for Active CCPOA members. 

Retired Application

What Is It?

The Family Defender Program is a pre-paid legal program that address many of the most common legal matters people have. For many cases, 100% of your legal fees are paid. As an active CCPOA member you are automatically enrolled in the program. There are no applications to fill out.

Your CCPOA Family Defender Program has several components:

  • Legal Services
  • Financial Coaching
  • Tax Preparation
  • Mobile App

U.S. Legal Services is one of the oldest providers of legal program benefits in the nation. Established almost 40 years ago, U.S. Legal Services is recognized for providing full service, full indemnity legal programs for you and your immediate family members.

U.S. Legal has attorneys throughout the nation. U.S. Legal has over 7,800 law firms and over 20,000 contracted attorneys, and more than 700 law firms in California. Finally, a legal program that acts like you expect it to! For many cases, 100% of your legal fees are paid.

Who Can Apply?

Rank and File; Supervisor; Retired

What Does it Cost?

ACTIVE: $0.00 out-of-pocket member cost
RETIRED: $13.99/mo

Before you can take advantage of your Family Defender Program, you must set up your account with U.S. Legal Services.

If you did not receive a Legal Plan ID card in the mail, or if you just can't find it, call the Trust. We will issue your CCPOA ID# that will allow you to set up your U.S. Legal account.

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