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Make healthier choices with your diet, exercise, sleep, and overall health.

Wellvolution - 30sec

We have partnered with the highest quality health and wellness programs to ensure you are living your best life possible. Wellvolution digital therapeutic program can help you reverse chronic conditions like diabetes and reverse your risk for chronic conditions.

Go to to register for an account, choose a health goal that speaks to you, and start improving your health and well-being.

The new Wellvolution has over 50 apps and programs tailored to fit your lifestyle and health goals.

We’re excited to announce new tools available with Wellvolution called Everyday Choices. Just log into your Wellvolution account, find Everyday Choices on your dashboard, and enjoy premium access to a full library of healthy recipes and fitness videos all included as a Blue Shield of California member and at no additional cost to you.

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Wellvolution is a registered trademark of Blue Shield of California. Wellvolution and all associated digital and in-person health programs, services, and offerings are managed by Solera, Inc., a health company committed to changing lives by guiding people to better health in their communities. Blue Shield of California is an independent member of the Blue Shield Association.
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