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As a supervisor, you do not receive three separate State contributions for your health, dental and vision benefits. Instead you receive a single monthly contribution from the State, a “Consolidated Benefit,” to help cover the cost of all three benefit programs.

Vist our CoBen page for more info.

Which Medical Plans are available to Retirees?

As a CCPOA retired chapter member living in a covered area, you are eligible for the CCPOA Medical Plan.

After age 65, you can participate in the Blue Shield of California Group Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug (GMAPD) PPO plan.

Beginning January 1, 2023 this plan will replace the current Medicare Supplement Plan and Medicare Prescription Drug Plan and will provide you with comprehensive Medicare coverage while saving you money every month.

View GMAPD Medical Plan flyers

Enrollment in medical is through CalPERS during either Open Enrollment or at the time of retirement.

If you don’t reside in a covered area or need information on vesting and state contributions, please contact CalPERS.


CVS Mail-Order Prescription Form


Are you over 65? As of January 2023, Medicare Prescription Coverage (GMAPD) is included in the CCPOA Medical Plan. No additional application necessary.

Medical Plan Highlights

Who Can Apply?

Rank and File; Supervisor; Retired

What Is It?

The CCPOA Medical Plan provides you and your family a great plan with good rates and extensive care. The CCPOA Medical Plan has affordable rates and a large network of providers.

Just some of the additional member benefits include:

  • Teladoc®,
  • 24/7 Nurseline®,
  • Maven Maternity Program
  • Wellvolution®
  • Network Chiropractic benefits

The CCPOA Medical Plan is available only to CCPOA members and administered through Blue Shield of California.

Sign-up for the Medical Plan occur once a year during Open Enrollment, or upon graduation from the Academy as a new Correctional Officer.

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