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Converting to Triada


How does Triada work?

Triada provides what is called supplemental coverage. Supplemental insurance plans are designed to fill in gaps not covered under traditional major medical plans. While health insurance provides coverage for medical bills, supplemental insurance covers additional expenses including deductibles, living expenses and lost wages. Benefits are paid directly to you, the member, to use as you see fit. These policies cover you on and off the job 24/7/365.

Triada has two kinds of coverage, accident coverage and an injury/sickness income program. Each is separate coverage, but both work in a similar fashion, both designed to pay you cash benefits. Want help when you are injured? Look at the ACCIDENT DEFENDER policy. Want additional monthly income for when you are injured or sick? Look at the SHIELD PLUS plan.

 Accident Coverage

You do not need to be off-work to collect Accident Defender benefits.

The new Triada policy matches virtually everything the previous carrier (Combined) did, with enhanced benefits that the previous carrier didn't offer. 

Accident Defender has many additional enhancements that work for our members—starting on day one. Over 70 different benefits.

 Injury/Sickness Coverage

Shield Plus allows you to buy coverage in blocks from $500–$1,500. If a doctor says you are sick or hurt, and unable to work, you get paid a daily amount based on your monthly coverage bracket, for up to 6 months.

Shield Plus is a Guaranteed Issue policy. No medical questions or exams. All members qualify for the same low rates, regardless of age, height, weight or any medical conditions, except mental stress.

The new Triada policy matches everything the previous carrier (Combined) did. 

Converting from Combined to Triada

Because Triada is taking over all the existing policies from the previous carrier (Combined), there will be no change in benefits for Combined's policy holders in their new coverage. These "legacy" plans are closed to new enrollment. These include:

  • Accident Champion
  • Sickness Only Hospital Income (SAP)
  • Accident Only/Disability (DAP)
  • Accident Only (ADP)

If you have Combined's "Sick Pay Plus" your plan was rolled directly into Triada's "Shield Plus" plan. All of your Combined benefits are included, in addition to any enhanced benefits featured in the Triada plan.

If you are a “rollover” member who is coming in from Combined, and decide that you would like the enhanced benefits of the new Triada policies, we came make that happen. Contact Joe or Clobey Gonssalves.

New Policy Holders: Any members who are signing up for the first time will have all the new enhanced benefits that Triada is offering, right from the get-go.

Your Triada Coverage Documents

If you had Combined Accident Coverage, and did NOT purposly change into a new Triada policy—look at the LEGACY Certificates.

If you had Combined's Sick Pay Plus look at the  Shield Plus certificates.

If you upgraded from Combined to a new Triada policy, or are a new policy holder choose the Accident Defender or the Shield Plus Certificates.

Questions about your plan?

Your Triada Benefit Specialists:

CCPOA Member Line
(949) 298-0715

Joe Gonsalves

Colbey Gonsalves

Triada Policy Documents
Current Policy Documents

Accident Defender: Certificate of Coverage

Shield Plus: Certificate of Coverage
Formerly Sick Pay Plus

Legacy Plan Documents

Legacy Plans - Closed to new members:
SDP | ADP | DAP | Accident Champion

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