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Important Tips to Help You Use Your U.S. Legal Services Program

Attorney Assignment

Attorneys are designated based on your location, needs or request. If you need an attorney more conveniently located to you or for other reasons, please call 1-844-896-5297 (LAWS) to determine availability and designation.

Telephone Consultation with Your Attorney

Remember that your attorney is a busy professional. He or she may not be able to take your call immediately. Ask to speak to the attorney’s assistant and tell them that it is your desire to speak to the attorney personally about a legal matter and that you are a member of the U.S. Legal Services program. Inform that person if you believe your matter can be handled with a telephone consultation with the attorney. 

Attorney’s Returning Your Calls

It is important that you leave telephone numbers and the approximate times that you may be reached at those numbers and the attorney should be able to reach you within 24 – 48 hours, or the attorney will have one of their support staff contact you within the above mentioned time frame. This is important as most attorneys set aside certain times of the day to return telephone calls due to court appearances and office appointments.

Making Office Appointments

If you desire to make an appointment with your attorney, simply call the attorney’s office and speak to his or her secretary and tell them that you are a member of U.S. Legal Services and that you desire an appointment for a consultation concerning a legal or personal matter. Tell the assistant the times that you are available for an appointment and agree upon a mutually convenient time. Most office appointments can be scheduled within 72 hours, although there can be some exceptions.

Emergency Calls to Your Attorney

If you feel that your problem is of an emergency nature, inform the staffer of that and briefly describe the nature of the matter and why it is an emergency. The attorney’s support staff can recognize different needs and make arrangements for you to speak to the attorney or schedule you an appointment.

Attorney Contact During Case

If your attorney is representing you in a civil or criminal proceeding and you wish to be kept informed on a regular basis as to the progress of your case, ask the attorney to keep you updated as to such progress either verbally or in writing at least every 30 days.

Court Appearances

If you learn you are to appear in court, please contact the attorney as soon as you receive any information to be sure the attorney’s calendar provides for such an appearance.

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