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Gold Shield FAQ


Who is eligible to enroll?

All active full-time Permanent Employees and Permanent Intermittent Employees (PIEs) who are members in good standing with CCPOA are eligible to apply. This includes rank-and-file members, supervisors and managers. Please note, an applicant may be denied coverage in the Disability Benefit Plan based on prior medical conditions. There is a 2-year exclusion for pre-existing conditions (certain conditions may be subject to longer exclusion periods).

What does the Plan cover?

The Disability Benefit Plan provides benefits if you are unable to work due to a disability that is covered under the Plan (not all disabilities are covered under the Plan).

Will my benefits equal my full paycheck?

No. Gold Shield members with non-occupational disabilities will receive a benefit equal to 67% of your base salary (when combined with Other Related Income and Other Income Benefits, as defined in the Disability Benefit Plan SPD, for qualified non-occupational disabilities) up to the maximum benefit of $6,000 per month.

After 24 months, if you are severely disabled (cannot perform two or more Activities of Daily Living [ADLs]), your benefit will increase to 75% if, after the second year, you are unable to work at any type of employment.

How quickly can I start using the Plan after I complete enrollment?

You are enrolled in the program immediately after you successfully complete the enrollment process. However, each level of coverage has a different elimination period before benefits begin. Gold Shield benefits begin after 30 consecutive calendar days from the date you are certified as disabled. (Pre-existing condition limitations apply).

Do I have to use my sick leave?

Yes. If at the end of your elimination period (i.e., the beginning of your coverage period) you still have sick leave or Catastrophic Time Bank (CTB) credits left, the program works like this:

  • You would receive the minimum Disability Benefit each month in addition to your full pay provided by your sick leave or CTB.
  • When these credits are gone, your full Disability Benefit kicks in—paying 67% of your base pay up to $6,000 for Gold Shield, when combined with other disability income.

Are premiums based on my age?

No. Whether you are 21 or 65, your premiums remain the same.

What is Excluded?

A few examples of non-covered disabilities include: a mental illness or condition, attempted suicide, injury occurring during the commission of a crime, and disabilities resulting from driving under the influence.

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