Supplemental Term Life for Retired Members

Did you know that if you are currently enrolled in the CCPOA Supplemental Term Life program, you can carry up to $250,000 of supplemental term life insurance into retirement?

To Convert Your Supplemental Term Life:

  • You must submit a CCPOA Retired Chapter membership application.
  • You must notify the Trust 30 days prior to your retirement date that you wish to transfer your supplemental term life insurance.
  • Complete and return the Rollover Request form. You have 60 days from the date of your retirement to transfer your term life insurance.
Which forms do you need to manage your Retired Supplemental Term Life?


Complete Information, Rate Charts and Application Forms are in the Supplemental Term Life - Retired Booklet

Single Forms

Ready to Retire?
Fill out the Retirement ROLLOVER Request form.

Already Retired?
Want to increase your benefit amount or add new coverage? Fill out the Retired Application.

Looking for Rates?
Click for the Retirement Rate Chart .

Rolling Over Makes Sense

No underwriting is necessary if you transfer within the allotted time period. Premiums remain what they were when you were an active officer. *Members who retire before age 60 may enroll for up to half the coverage they had on the date they retired.

Member coverage cannot exceed $250,000 and spouse is limited to a maximum of $50,000.

Coverage reduces in half at ages 60 and by half again at age 70 (maximum $50,000 for member).

Are You Already Retired?

Even after retirement, you are eligible to apply for CCPOA Supplemental Term Life using the CCPOA Retired form. Once underwriting is complete, you will have the same great coverage active members have at the same rates.


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