Welcome to CoBen

What is CoBen? The Consolidated Benefits (CoBen) is a program the State uses to fund health, dental and vision coverage for BU6 Supervisor members.

As a supervisor, you do not receive three separate State contributions for your health, dental and vision benefits. Instead you receive a single monthly contribution from the State, a “Consolidated Benefit,” to help cover the cost of all three benefit programs.

The amount of your allowance is based on whether you choose coverage for yourself only, yourself plus one dependent, or yourself plus two or more dependents.

If the combined monthly cost of your health, dental, and vision plan is less than your CoBen allowance, you receive the excess amount as taxable cash in your monthly paycheck.

If the combined monthly cost of your health, dental, and vision plans is more than your CoBen allowance, you pay the difference which shows up as a pretax deduction on your monthly paycheck.

How does it work? The State gives you a set amount based on the number of dependents you will cover.

You select from a variety of health and dental plans, all with different monthly premiums. The cost of your choices, plus your vision premium, is calculated against the CoBen. You either pay toward your monthly premiums, or if your total is lower than the CoBen, get the difference back in additional taxable income each month.

Want to maximize your benefit dollar? Use your CCPOA membership to take advantage of Trust dental and health programs. These are available in many areas throughout the State. When you enroll in Trust programs, you can get group rates, often lower than other state-offered plans.

*This is just an example. Current rates may not be shown. The CoBen allowance for Excluded employees is determined by CalHR. Check www.calhr.ca.gov to see if updated rates are available. Due to the nature of the collective bargaining process, changes may alter contribution amounts and dependent vesting levels.