Retired BU6 Members have Dental Benefits through CalPERS.

Contact your Personnel Office before retirement to ensure you have uninterrupted dental coverage.

Your Retired Dental Coverage is Changing.

Bargaining Unit Six dental programs are not currently available to Retired Members.

When you retire and if you want to continue dental coverage, you may choose a State-sponsored dental plan.

Your dental program changes when you retire. Your personnel specialist will help you with the transition and explain the differences between your current dental program and the State’s Dental Program for Retirees.

The qualifications for State Dental coverage:

➊ You are eligible if you retire within 120 days of your separation; and, ➋ you are eligible to receive a CalPERS retirement benefit.

If you meet the above criteria, but did not enroll in a dental plan at the time of your retirement, it is possible to join later, during the State’s annual open enrollment period (usually held in the Fall for the next year).

Can I continue my CCPOA Primary or Western Dental as a Retired Member?
No. These programs are only available to you as an active member of CCPOA.

Can I add or drop family members?
You can do so when you initially enroll, during the annual open enrollment period, and within 60 days from the date a change in your family occurs (marriage, divorce, new baby). To make changes to your dental program once you are retired, contact CalPERS.

Retired State Employees

If you are a retired State employee, you are eligible to continue enrollment in the State’s Dental Program if you retired within 120 days after your date of separation and you receive a retirement allowance from CalPERS. If you are enrolled in a State-sponsored dental plan, your personnel office will automatically submit the STD. 692 to CalPERS to continue your dental enrollment into retirement.

Retired employees who did not continue dental coverage into retirement may enroll during the annual dental open enrollment period.

Other options to explore when considering retirement Coverage under a spouse’s dental program Military dental and/or health coverage (Tri-Care)

If you are a retired State employee and have any questions regarding your eligibility, contact CalPERS, Health Benefits Services Division TOLL FREE at: 1-888-225-7377

CalHR Dental Retiree Handbook 2016