Combined Insurance

What Does Combined Do?

Combined Insurance through the Trust pays cash direct to you. On-the-job. Off-the-job. Any time. Any day. No activity excluded. Starting on Day One.

What is Combined?

Good question. Combined Insurance is a supplemental policy that helps cover the “money gap” left from any other coverage you may have. Combined pays cash DIRECTLY TO YOU or to whomever you choose, and PAID IN ADDITION to benefits provided by any other insurance policy, workers compensation, or social security.

This is money you can use however you see fit. Groceries. Car payment. Mortgage or rent. School. You get the picture. Health insurance may pay the doctor, but it does nothing towards your other bills.

How Does It Work?

Combined has two kinds of coverage, accident coverage and an injury/sickness income program. Each is separate coverage, but both work in a similar fashion, both designed to pay you cash benefits to help when you are injured or sick.


Supervisor Member Info
Yes, Supervisors are eligible to enroll.
Retired Member

Enrollment and payment arrangements in Combined programs for Retired Chapter members are made directly through Combined.

The Trust does not offer enrollment materials or automatic premium deduction for Retired Members enrolled in Combined Insurance.

Brochures & Applications

Combined Rates and Coverage Brochure

Contact Joe Gonsalves for application information.

Forms & Documents
Combined Claim Form

Check your Combined enrollment packet for information on filing a claim or contact Combined: 866-445-8865 or
Joe Gonsalves: 949-521-4267

Combined Services
Joe Gonsalves,
Regional Benefit Specialist
CA Lic. 0C17875

For best response, send Joe a text message:

Who Can Apply?

Rank and File; Supervisor; Retired

What Does It Cost?

Coverage for Accident Champion comes in two tiers. Basically if you want to save a little money you can by the lower tier coverage for less cost. This means you can have accident coverage starting at less than $4 a week.

Pricing for the Sick Pay Plus coverage varies by age, and includes “good health” discounts that lower your monthly payment.


Accident Champion: Policies start under $4.00/week. Policies include benefits for Hospitalization, Recovery, ICU, Medical Treatment and Accidental Death.

Sick Pay Plus: Policies start as low as $39.00/month. Cost is based on age+good health discounts.


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