2019 Medical Rate Comparison

*Use as example only. Your actual costs may very.
Due to the nature of the collective bargaining process, changes may alter contribution amounts and dependent vesting levels. Values shown are from best information at publishing time, and are for comparison only. Rates and coverage are subject to change. The Benefit Trust Fund does not set or control coverage by other carriers or agencies.
Rates as of 9/05/2018

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A NOTE ON HOW THIS WORKS: Your Medical rates are actuall much higher than what you pay. Part of your negotiated benefit is that the State of California picks up a large part of the cost.
The State Pays this much toward your Medical Insurance: You = $583.00 | You + 1 = $1,170.00 | You + 2 or More = $1,518.00 The chart shows the remaining balance, which is what you pay.
* PERS Select has low monthly fees, but has some of the highest Deductible and Co-Pays. $3,500 yearly out of pocket for a single person + 20% of medical charges.