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$5,000 Accidental Death
Active: AD Basic: Summary Program Description
Accidental Death & Dismemberment
Active: Application
Active: Brochure
Active: Plan Certificate 29312-0
Retired: Application
Retired: Plan Certificate 29313-0
Basic Life
Active: Plan Certificate 29307-0
Retired: Plan Certificate 29308-0
Disability Benefit Program (DBP)
Gold Shield: Brochure
Gold Shield/Silver Shield: Comparison Chart
Gold Shield/Silver Shield: Application
Upgrade from Silver Shield
Cadet Basics Flyer
DBP: Summary Program Description
Primary Dental
Primary Dental: Brochure
Primary Dental: Claim Form
Primary Dental: Plan Highlights
Primary Dental: Procedure Codes
Primary Dental: Summary Plan Description
Western Dental
Western Dental: Summary Material Modification
Western Dental: Summary Plan Description
Legal Programs
Legal Defense Fund (LDF)
LDF: Summary Plan Description
U.S. Legal Services
U.S. Legal: Brochure
U.S. Legal: Non-Network Claim Form
U.S. Legal: Privacy Form
Retired: U.S. Legal Application
U.S. Legal: Summary Program Description
CCPOA Medical Plan
Active: 2021 Evidence of Coverage
Active: 2021 E-Z Summary
Retired: 2021 Medicare Suppliment EOC
Retired: 2021 E-Z Summary
Retired: 2021 Prescription Drug Plan EOC
Retired: 2021 Prescription Drug Plan Application
Retired: 2021 Prescription Drug Plan Summary/Formulary
Active: Piggyback Application
Active: Piggyback Vision Claim Form
Retired: Piggyback Application
Retired: Piggyback Vision Claim Form
Piggyback: Brochure
Piggyback: Summary Plan Description
Supplemental Term Life
Active: STL- Rate Sheet
Active: STL- Active Brochure/Application
Active: STL- Plan Certificate 29307-0
Retired: STL- Rate Sheet
Retired: STL-Retired Brochure/Application
Retired: STL-Retired Rollover Plan Certificate 29310-0
New Hires: STL-Gurantee Issue Brochure/Application
Closed: Senior Term Life: Plan Certificate 29309-0
Triada Insurance
Triada Claim Form
Accident Defender Flyer
Accident Defender Certificate
Shield Plus Flyer
Shield Plus Certificate
Legacy-Accident Champion Certificate
Legacy-ADP Certificate
Legacy-DAP Certificate
Legacy-SDP Certificate
Retired: VSP Brochure
Retired: VSP Application
VSP Summary Plan Description

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Trust Forms
Beneficiary Change Form
Change of Address Form
Trust Documents
Benefit Trust Fund: Agreement & Declaration of Trust
Benefit Trust Fund: Notice of Privacy Practices
Benefit Trust Fund: 2018 Summary Annual Report
Benefit Trust Fund: Summary Material Modification
Benefit Trust Fund: Welfare Benefit Plan (Plan 501)
Benefit Trust Fund: Disability Benefit Plan (Plan 502)
Benefit Trust Fund: Supplemental Benefit Plan (Plan 503)
New York Life Program: Summary Program Description

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CalPERS Publications
Special Power of Attorney Booklet
Beneficiary Designation Form
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